Create Irresistible “VIDEO SCRATCH CARDS” that Explode
Opt-in Rates and Send Hot Leads to Any Business
in Seconds - Agency Rights Included

Use and Resell Revolutionary Gamification ‘Scratch-Off’ Technology that’s
Proven to Triple Opt-in and Sales Rates

Proprietary Scratch-Game Tech - No one else has access to this addictive, lead-pulling ‘scratch-off’ game

Triple Conversion Rates - Ditch boring opt-in forms for ‘gamification’ and start profiting from day one.

Easy Drag/Drop Interface - Create fully customized scratch-off games with video interaction in just minutes

Gorgeous DFY Templates -Get editable, DFY scratch-card game templates in the hottest local nichess

Sell for Any Price You Want -Sell as a service or sell access to the app for any price you choose including a monthly fee

WHEN YOU BUY VidScratch THROUGH Me - Ifiok Nk,


Traditional opt-in forms, “lead magnets” and
money-off coupons are dead…

and every day you use them, your clients are growing more frustrated because you’re burning
their money (and your own) letting traffic and leads slip away.

Check out these dead awful opt-in stats from

There’s no way for any small biz to build anything sustainable with those awful conversion rates coupled with the skyrocketing traffic costs.

That means biz owners are frustrated and will pay for any real, innovative solution.

So, what is working, then? The answer is Gamification.

Welcome to a brand new world of lead generation
(and insane opt-in rates…)

Gamification is the key to getting website visitors more relaxed and more likely to engage with our opt-in form and brand in general.

See, ordinary squeeze pages and popups have been shown so many people have developed ‘banner-blindness’ to them and the gift they get in exchange for their information becomes devalued.

HOWEVER, when a visitor is confronted with a chance to win something ie: like when playing the lottery, the perceived value of the prize goes up tremendously.

Combine that with eye-catching graphics and video and now you have something that will really get visitors' attention and get them to interact with your brand!

Therefore, the formula for online marketing success today is simple...

and that’s exactly what we’ve created with our new product...VidScratch Agency

See VidScratch In Action

Watch The Demo Above

Added Bonus:
ClickFomo Agency License

Get more clicks...get more sign ups...get more sales
‘’Instantly Triple The Conversion On Your Website With This Social Proof Software’’

As a special bonus for purchasing Vidscratch today through me you will be getting the Agency License to ClickFomo , 

  • Shows what actions people are taking on your website in real time, creating an instant social proof that gets more people to take the same action.
  • Pops up testimonials...pops up who clicked and who bought...real time social proof that instantly drives conversion. 
  • Completely cloud-based, no need to tinker with bulky updates. Simply Integrate with a single line of code and you are done.

Bonus #1:
Free Access to My Traffic Sucking Apps.

Traffic is everything online… You need traffic first before you can start building your list.

But VidScratch doesn’t give you traffic,

This is why when you purchase VidScratch through me, I’ll give you access to TWO of my software apps that will generate massive traffic for you.

One of them is an influencer marketing software that will help you locate the top influencers in your niche, get them to share your content & leverage their traffic to get more leads & sales.

The other software will enable you find hot & trending viral content that you can hijack, send traffic to your scratch cards, grow your list & boost sales instantly.

These two apps are collectively valued at $397 but you’re getting it for FREE when you purchase VidScratch through me

Bonus #2:
Free Access to My Profit-Pulling Email Follow-up Sequence That Will Generate $500 - $1,000 Commission

VidScratch will help you generate leads & build your list, but it doesn’t end there… How do you make money from your new subscribers?

The answer is follow-up… If you don’t follow-up your leads, you won’t make a dime from them.

So when you purchase VidScratch through me, I’ll give you access to my profit pulling email follow-up sequence for FREE(I’ve never given this out before).

Inside this follow-up sequence,

  • I’ll give you an attention grabbing welcome email that will introduce you to your new subscribers & get them to literally beg for your next email
  • After the welcome email, I’ll give you our value driven, educational emails that will get your subscribers to trust your brand, then prepare their mind to act on any product you recommend
  • Next in the sequence is promo emails - I’ll give you promo emails that you can use to pitch your backend offer to your subscribers & earn money…

PLUS, I’ll also give you free license to resell one of my software apps & earn 100% commission per sale… This is so that if you don’t have a product to sell, you can resell one of my hot selling products & earn 100% commission.

  • Finally on the follow-up sequence, I’ll give you a new level of educational emails to engage your subscribers & get them to love you.

I’ve bundled everything together to form my profit pulling follow-up sequence… some affiliates will just give you random email swipes, but this is custom developed & proven to work.

It’s valued at $297, but you’re getting it for FREE when you purchase VidScratch through me.

Bonus #3:
VidScratch Agency Business Kit

Everything you need to setup your own 6-figure  VidScratch Video Marketing consulting business. 
Video is hot and converts very well. Business owners are aware of this and are seriously looking for consultants that will help them create videos.

This kit comes with the following:

  • Stunning ready made video Agency website for VidScratch.
  • Irresitible Proposal (Ms Word & Powerpoint)
  • Highly optimized cold call Email Sequence
  • Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing scripts for videos
  • Print-ready commercial Graphics templates for video services (business card, letter head, invoice, trifold brochure)
  • 4 DFY Facebook ad creatives
  • DFY web banners & google ads
  • DFY legal contract vetted by an attorney

Arbitrage: Charge $500 - $10k per client. Deliver using any of the video creation tools you bought in the past or outsource to a freelancer on fiverr.

Sales-Pulling VidScratch Video agency Webisite
100% Custom-Made Website For Selling VidScratch Video Agency Services

Video Industry is already the Next Big Thing.

You know that, and your prospects now that too. But are you making the most of this trend and are you already selling your own Video Marketing Agency services yet?

If the answer is no to that, you are in luck today because we just hand-crafted the most perfect Sales-Pulling Video Marketing Agency Website for you.

Simply customize it with your contact details, link the call-to-action button to a Google Form or Typeform to collect your clients details and this can be your very own customer conversion machine.

commercial graphics templates To Sell VidScratch
DFY Print-Ready fully editable graphic templates

We have created a set of fully editable graphic templates for you to get your name out there as professionally as possible.

Gorgeous and high-quality designs created for you by our team of experts. Each template on its own can be sold for a $100.

In a few clicks, you can edit these to your own heart’s desire so you’ll never need to hire an expensive designer again

High-Converting Email Templates To Sell ​Vidscratch
professionally written ready-to-mail email sequence for your agency

High-Converting Email Templates

professionally written ready-to-mail email sequence for your agency

We are giving you a professionally written ready-to-mail email sequence for your agency.

Simply copy and paste this created-to-convert email sequence into your favourite autoresponder service provider to deliver to any ‘on the fence’ leads or cold leads you’ve collected.

These mail templates are written by a team of professional copywriters with inputs from marketing gurus who have tons of experience and know exactly what to say in order to convert cold leads into hot buying customers.

VidScratch Video Agency Irresistible Proposal
Detailed Video Agency proposal to send to your clients

Presentation matters in a consulting business.

Just present our persuasive PowerPoint presentation to your prospect, and watch them BEG you to take their money…

Loaded with professionally designed graphics and statistics specifically crafted to convince your prospect why they need your service and why they should choose you to do it for them RIGHT NOW!

2 out of every 5 prospect that sees this presentation writes us a check

DFY Facebook Ads Creative To Sell ​VidScratch
We are giving you ready-to-deploy Facebook ads creatives

You don't like talking to people, knock on doors or making phone calls, no problem.
Let your clients come to you. You can run Facebook ads targeted at other businesses and get clients that will pay you to for these services.

We are giving you ready-to-deploy Facebook ads creatives. All you have to do is copy and paste…and sit back with a beer – watching the enquiries rolling in

100% DFY legal contract For ​VidScratch
We spent $400+ to get commercial rights on this professionally written contract so that YOU can cash in right away

Now once you start getting those clients , you are going need a solid contract to seal those deals.

The thing is, getting a contract professionally written is not cheap. In fact, we got in touch with a professional Mobile App agency, who spent no less than $1,000 for this same contract you will be getting today

50 Whitelabel DFY High-Quality Leadmagnets to Use with VidScratch

Lead magnets are the fastest way to build a list, and now you'll get 50 solid lead magnets in the B2B niche to start integrating into your scratch contests and build you or your client's lists with.

Plus, you'll get full whitelabel rights to rewrite, repackage, or do anything you want with all 50 of them!

First 5000 Leads From Scratch

Now that you have VidScratch do you know how to build a list fast that will actually BUY from you THIS weekend?

Learn how to build you or your client's lists fast with this new strategy.

You’ll learn a special strategy I’m using to get BUYER leads w/out having to launch a product. Plus, get white label rights to use it to build your own list.

FB Premium Messenger Builder for VidScratch

Start building your Facebook Messenger list right along side your email list w/ this software.

FB Premium Messenger builder is a simple and user friendly WordPress plugin that allows you connect on Messenger in your WordPress website.

The plugin is packaged with 10 pre designed button templates with 10 different hover animation effect and 8 different positions for button placement for high conversions you can embed anywhere

This software comes with page, post, category selection option and allows you to start building your messenger list from ANY of  your properties now while you sleep.

​Access to Whiskers and Cheese Method to Get Local Clients

Getting clients to sell your videos to may be frustrating at first, mainly because tons of other businesses are trying to sell their internet marketing services too.

This creates an environment where the local business owners automatically delete or don't pick up the phone for anything that may seem like a pitch to sell them services... EVEN IF THEY NEED IT!

Instead you can use this method to get local businesses and video marketing clients to CALL YOU and pay top dollar for your services, even if you're brand new to selling video creation.

​Reseller Rights to 45 DFY Contractor Local Videos

Do whatever you please with these 45 pro 'offline' based videos. Rank them, rent them out, or sell together!

Includes niches like:

Air Conditioning, Cleaning Services, Carpenter, Gutter Contractor, Handyman, Heating Contractor, Hvac Contractor, and more!

​Reseller Rights to Viral Mobilio 2

One of its kind of app that truly utilizes the power of mobile messenger apps, that have 90-95% open rate and a very specific and proven mind hack to deliver amazing results in any niche and any product you can think of.

  • Detailed analytics
  • Users can choose to create either of these 2 campaigns
  • Ability to edit, delete and clone campaigns
  • Integration with major autoresponders
  • Integration with Youzign or can use your own custom image for campaign
  • Ability to add unlock capability by sharing it to
  • Ability to give coupon code, link, ebook, software or basically anything as giveaway

​Local FB Reviewer App

Help your clients get and showcase their local FACEBOOK reviews!

Facebook is giving huge importance to reviews and page ratings now. In fact, if your Facebook reviews are low or negative your ads cost will significantly rise. Help your clients take advantage of this and get more customers to their business with Facebook reviews and this amazing software

​Image Compress Ranker PRO

If you are into getting traffic from all the sources available, you should consider creating Image Sitemap for your site which is exactly what this will do!

Image Compress Ranker creates an XML sitemap gives Google (and other search engines like Bing) meta data about pictures on your website, so SE could crawl and index all of them.

If all your pictures are indexed by Search Engines you are getting more chances to take a part in Image Search. In some niches it is crucial


​Unlimited Resellers Rights to Vidneos

VidNeos "pre-ranks" your videos with our proprietary
rating system (based on thousands of other 'viral',
top-watched videos). And it allows you to make addicting
videos people just can't stop watching...

To do this on your own would require several different soft-
wares... spreadsheets (math) and a lot of friggin' time in
research... We've taken the the initiative and put
together all of those features into one software.

Say goodbye to that exhausted feeling you get when a
video you worked hard on doesn't pull any traffic...even
though you spent hours doing keyword research...
prepared it correctly...tagged it "correctly"... for what?


Imagine, though, waking up the day after your video hits
YouTube and potentially seeing...1,000 views...10,000
views...Or more!

But here's the most incredible part...

Sales. Because the traffic your videos will generate using
VidNeos is not just any old traffic... it's hot traffic -
"ready to buy" traffic
... You stand to potentially profit on
any video you ever create from this point forward.

​1000 HD Motivation
Quotes with Resell Rights

Are You Looking For High Quality Motivational Quotes For Your Social Media and your banners??? Then You Are On Right Place!! These are Not Taken From Instagram/Facebook , Very Unique!

PERFECT to use with PixelMate and Instagram!

  • PRO Stock Images
  • HD Quotes( High Quality Images)
  • 100% Copyright Free Motivational Quotes
  • 100% Social Media Compatible
  • Unique Design(You Will Not Find These Designs Any Where Else!)
  • Awesome Motivational Quotes

Wp Notification Bar with Resell Rights

WP Pro Notification Bar is a WordPress plugin that enables you to create, design and display a notification bar on your site.

Unlike any ordinary notification bar, the plugin offers a wide range of contents that you can display as well as the flexibility to design the elements according to your preferences.

Furthermore, the notification bar generated along with the contents are designed to be responsive so that it is readily available to all users on any device

​4K Stock Video Collection

You’ll get a massive collection of HD and 4K Stock Footage to integrate into your video marketing and the Commercial Rights to use it for clients projects! These include ariel, scenic, and even abstract background footage to use.

Just one stock video from iStockPhoto starts at $67 for not even standard definition, so this is a massive value that’s available limited time only

​Home Video Studio

With this video course you will learn how to setup a mini-studio in your home or office, and start churning out pro-quality videos, podcasts & music. After this lessons you will understand the key elements of creating a home recording studio.

Also it will teach you how to:

  • Get an overview of lighting techniques that the professionals use, and how to replicate it at a lower cost
  • Select, research and get the best audio recording & production tools so you can sound your best
  • Get insights into affordable, effective lighting solutions that a perfect for smaller spaces
  • Select, research and get the right lighting to light up your subjects & creating more engaging videos
  • Understand more advanced studio production techniques like green screen, music recording and much more