My Undiluted Equinox Review + Exclusive Bonuses

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Dear Friend,

Making money online looks easy but the untold reality is that it’s actually a technical nightmare with a HUGE learning curve attached… the reason 99% of newbies GIVE UP.

Honestly, there are too many things to do…Like;

? Website setup
? Landing pages/opt-in forms
? Customer engagement & follow-up emails
? Funnel setup
? Split testing

And all of these is done BEFORE you get into TRAFFIC – whether free or paid.

The truth is – the moving parts are much & it could take months or years to learn… most persons never make it to where they start getting results.

Now the question isIs there a simple way to make money online, at least $100/day, without the usual learning curve or months of struggling?

the answer is YES… and here’s the perfect solution

Introducing ==>> EQUINOX, launching tomorrow at 11 am est.



Equinox is a “One-Of-A-Kind” Software that allows ANYONE (regardless of technical experience) to start generating a consistent $100/day.

No Jokes!



Here is how it works



Equinox is a software that will scrape YouTube searching for “Broken Links”.

These are links in the descriptions of YouTube videos that the original video creator has “Forgotten” to update.. And Because they have “Forgotten” to update them, the links become “expired” and available to be “revived”.

And this is where you come in…

Most of these videos are well ranked & still get thousands of views/traffic per day. By not updating their links, the original video creator is losing a lot of traffic & leaving money on the table for you.

With Equinox, you’ll be able to revive the broken links, then legally redirect the traffic from the original video to where you want.

… It could be;


  • Affiliate offers
  • CPA Offers
  • Lead generation
  • eCommerce Store
  • Local business
  • Your website.

And the good part is that everything has been simplified for you into 3 easy steps;
? Step 1 – Input your keyword
? Step 2 – Hit start & lets equinox get to work for you
Step 3 – Register the domains & redirect traffic.Equinox is one of the easiest methods out there to start getting traffic & earning cool commissions… Just 3 steps & you’ll start getting targeted traffic at any time, in any niche.

  • No need to create your own videos
  • No need to spend money paying for Ads
  • No need to rank any videos
  • No need to create a website if you don’t want to.


See what people are saying about Equinox;



Here are the awesome features packed inside Equinox

? Unlimited keyword & niche research
? Easily hijack traffic & authority from Youtube
? Hands-Free domain checker
? Unlimited one-click domain purchasing
? Fully control the age of the videos you want to be delivered to you
? Search by relevance or by views
? Add or remove domains to skip from the result
? Export data in CSV.

Now the amazing thing about Equinox is that there are literally tons of ways that you can profit from it…
and I’ve put together the best bonus package that will help you to start getting results from this instantly.

This is how you can profit & make money from Equinox;


#1 Direct Link Affiliate Marketing.


This is very common and easy for you to deploy. You can do it as soon as you grab Equinox.

All you have to do is to simply find a video you can monetize with Equinox, then redirect the traffic from that video to any of your affiliate offers and you start raking in nice commissions.

Now to help you benefit fast from this and as one of my bonuses for Equinox, I’m giving you access to 10 evergreen affiliate marketing campaigns + the promo materials.

See what’s inside;


  • I’ll give you 10 evergreen, best selling products that will earn you instant commissions.
  • Access to a guide on how to get your affiliate links & redirect traffic from Equinox to your links.
  • Access to a bonus vault that you can give-out as an incentive.
  • Access to promo email swipes
  • And more inside
#2 – Product Marketing

This is very powerful if you have your own product to sell… It requires you to use Equinox to find broken links in your niche, then redirects the link to the sales page of your website.
But what if you don’t have a product to sell? That’s where you need a bonus.

As one of my bonuses for this offer, I’m giving you free access to resell my software socicake local and get 100% commission.

All you need do is to send your traffic to our product sales page & you get 100% traffic for every sale that is made… Software products sell easily and this is like you selling your own software.

Socicake local currently sells for $82, so if you make 10 sales what you get is $820 as commission…and that’s just for 10 sales.

#3 – Massive List Building Profit.

Using Equinox, instead of sending traffic direct to a sales page, you can send it to your squeeze page to build your email list, then redirect to a sales page.
This is an awesome way to reap double profit – Build your email list first, then send traffic to your affiliate offer.

As one of my bonuses for Equinox, I’m giving you access to 20 ready-made lead magnets from different niches PLUS done for you squeeze pages to use.

These magnets have been proven to convert & it’s what your audience will love & will gladly exchange their email address with.

Just connect your autoresponder with the done for you squeeze page & you’re good to go.

#4 – Drive Sales to your Ecom Site

Just like redirecting traffic from the broken links to your affiliate offers, you can redirect it to your eCom store instead… You can make a ton of sales on your eCom website from just this.
As one of my bonuses for Equinox, I’m giving you FREE access to my eCom software called Uduala eCom.

Uduala eCom contains 200+ hot selling winning eCom products you can sell on your store PLUS the exact marketing materials to sell them.

See what’s in the package;

  • Clone a successful Ecom biz’ and make a recurring 5 figure income
  • Get 100+ hot selling products, with pre-chosen suppliers
  • Get 100+ ‘ready-to-upload’ FB Ads – it’s all “Done for You”
  • Get NEW products + ads, for you to deploy every week 
  • ZERO learning curve – 100% Newbie-Friendly 
  • Just 10 mins a day – 1 Click import into your store

Trust me, this is super amazing and you’re getting everything for FREE when you purchase Equinox through me.
Equinox + My Exclusive bonus package = Massive Profit.

Here’s a recap of what you’re getting from me for FREE as a bonus;

? 10 evergreen done for you affiliate marketing campaigns(value $97)
? Free Reseller license to Socicake Local (Value $497)
? 20+ DFY Lead Magnets PLUS Squeeze & Thank You Pages (Value $997)

? 200+ Winning Ecom Products PLUS Marketing Assets ($397).

And that’s not all you’re getting from me as a bonus when you purchase Equinox.

Click Here to See The Complete Package That I Prepared as Bonus for Equinox.

NOTE: Equinox will go live tomorrow at 11 am est… Get ready & don’t miss this special offer.

To get access to all my bonuses here, simply grab Equinox through me after the cart opens tomorrow.


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