How to grow your email list using social media

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It’s true that several new strategies like social media marketing, content marketing, SEO, paid media advertising, etc. have come into the digital marketing scene in recent years. However, email marketing has stood the test of time.

Email marketing is one of the oldest and most popular online marketing techniques in the world. It involves the process of sending emails to your prospects and customers to make more sales. It is one of the most effective ways to build stronger customer relationships and grow your business revenue. Of course, you can’t take full advantage of this tool if your email list doesn’t have many subscribers.

That’s why you should look for multiple ways to build your email list. Simply relying on a signup prompt on your website won’t yield the best possible results. In fact, opt-in rates among website visitors tend to be relatively low.

It’s no secret that building up your email list is one of the most stable ways to construct a foundation of loyal fans for your business but there is a problem! Building up your email list is no easy task. In fact, it’s a  difficult thing to do without the trust and attention of an existing, dedicated audience.

The good news is the fact that social media is a fantastic place to attain, nurture, and grow a dedicated audience. So, on this note, I will be sharing 10 creative ways that you can leverage social media to grow your email list.

So without taking more time, let’s dive right in.



The truth is, You can’t build an effective email list from a social media handle that doesn’t represent the services you offer. you will be attracting what you represent online. Therefore your digital self needs to be in proper alignment with what your clients are looking for.

Chasing people makes you just another salesperson but having people chase you makes you the Expert and the way to this is by curating your social media profile to magnet your niche-specific traffic. How do you do THIS?

  • Stop being an online billboard for other people’s content. Your business social media page should be all about your business and things related to it, stop allowing posts that don’t represent your business.
  • Stop allowing Tags without review, be in control of your timeline
  • Remove photos from your timeline that are in bad taste.

Steps To Clean Up Your Profile

  1. Get a Profile  cover that represents your Business well
  2. Ensure that you are in complete control of your timeline
  3. Remove photos in bad taste

The above is the foundation of every other thing that will be discussed in this article, once this is gotten right, You will not just build an email list but a list that is hot and ready for your products.

Promote Additional Email Content on Social Media

Your followers on social media platforms typically follow you because they appreciate the type of content you share. Thus, they may be interested in learning how they can get more of that content.

That’s why a simple social media to email marketing tip is to promote email list sign-ups with each post. The Design A High-Quality Lead Magnet

within each post leads to email list sign up — here are some examples:

  • “Read our new study on content performance and how it affects your marketing”
  • “Increase your leads after learning from our new eBook”

However, these posts are not paid; instead, they are a part of the content that you post organically onto your page. When people are interested enough in your content, they will be encouraged to click through without even having to be targeted by an ad.

Schedule  posts to promote your free downloads

This Is very important and should be done consistently. By now, you probably know that you need to create some valuable, free downloads in order to grow your email list. If you’re not familiar with that idea, then essentially you just need to create some freebies like free email courses, workbooks, ebooks, or checklists and offer them in exchange for someone’s email address. For example, “sign up to get a free e-book on how to grow your email list…

Once you’ve created your killer freebie, add it onto a landing page or within a blog post. A landing page is a page that only talks about your freebie and how your audience can download it. 

When you’ve got your landing pages make a list. This could be done on  Google Docs or spreadsheets. You just want to make a list with a link to all of your freebie pages as well as a description of the freebie on that page. This will save you time in the next step.

Now that you’ve got your list, it’s time to promote those posts on social media on the regular. Just go down your list and create a social media promotion for each freebie. I recommend having at least one promotion per day from your list (not of every freebie, just one!). You can mix up which social media platform your promotions are on, too.

It’s important to find out the platform where your target audience hangs out the most. Is it Twitter? Facebook? Pinterest? Find out and then build a consistent social presence on that platform. create and publish consistent updates on your social channels, which promote your free downloads in order to get people to sign up. It’s important to publish regular updates to make sure your audience actually sees them. You could use a social media scheduler to achieve this.

Host a Social Media Live Event 

Live events on social media can be particularly engaging for your followers and an effective tactic when considering how to get more subscribers. If you partner with an influencer in your field, this can make the content even more appealing.

Marketers can use this strategy for growing email lists by simply promoting the live event throughout its duration — before, during, and after.

Create custom ads.

One of the best ways to reach your target audience is by releasing ads about your product or service. Facebook Ads is a great tool to use so you can have a strong reach on the most popular social media outlet.

The Facebook Ads program lets you create custom ads with your own images, copy, and headline to attract the right audience. Once you’ve created your ads, you can use the Audience Insights tab to change the location, gender, and interests of the people you want to see your ad.


Embrace retargeting.

Retargeting customers has grown in popularity due to automation. It’s now easier than ever to track customer behavior and help lead them to your brand if they leave your site sooner than you’d like.

In a similar vein, retargeting ads on social media are a great opportunity to bring in more customers by reminding them why they were on your site in the first place. You can set ads to appear based on their previous behavior on your website. For example, if they made it to the cart page but didn’t check out, you can promote a 10% discount to them on social media if they complete their purchase.

These subtle but powerful marketing tools are helping convert more customers and increase subscriber lists for thousands of companies worldwide. As technology advances, there will likely be more sophisticated ways to boost your lead lists, but for now, social media is one of the most popular places for customers, and there are plenty of excellent ways to beef up your leads.

Join an Online Community

Platforms like Instagram and Facebook allow users to form groups based on common interests. Thus, you should look for groups that relate to your industry when growing your email lists with engaged and interested subscribers.

That doesn’t mean you should join these social media groups and immediately start asking people to sign up for your email list. The group rules may even prohibit such behavior. 

Instead, you should actively participate in the groups until you’re a trusted member and can use social media for an email in a more organic manner.

Don’t treat group members like potential customers that you only want for an email list sign-up. Instead, treat them like people who share your interests — consumers want this type of authenticity from brands. Once you’ve made some connections in these groups, use them to promote and build your email list.


Host a contest or giveaway.

A giveaway can be a great way to grow your subscribers. This is a simple tactic that can be very effective. Just let all your social media followers know you’re offering a discount, free product, or related promotion to randomly-selected users who sign up for your email list. The chance of winning the contest will motivate plenty of them to opt-in, letting you build your email list.


Create YouTube Tutorials with Call-to-Action Cards

Virtually everyone with a computer has benefited from a tutorial video at one point or another. Your own video tutorials can be a life-saver for someone trying to figure out how to do just about anything.

By creating video tutorials on the second largest search engine, you can quickly build a strong following for those interested in what you’re offering.

The first step to getting traffic from your YouTube videos is to find “how to” keywords. Type your keywords into YouTube’s search bar to see the suggested results that come up: those are the search terms that other people are looking for. Then, create a video targeting each of those keywords. that people are actually searching for.

After you upload your video, write at least 300 words of content in the description box below the video. YouTube/Google relies on the description, file name, and tags to determine what your video is about and what keywords it should rank for.

Next is to create a strong call-to-action that will make viewers want to subscribe to your email list! One of the easiest ways to add a call to action to your YouTube videos is by adding youtube cards to your videos.

Youtube cards are the little buttons that pop up on the screen when you’re watching a YouTube video. They allow creators to direct their viewers to outside web pages.

To increase email subscribers using YouTube, be sure to mention your newsletter in your video and include a YouTube card that links to it.


Add a call-to-action to your social media profiles


This one is simple, but can be so effective! While you’re busy growing your social media audiences, why not try to grow your email list, too? If you’re not including a call to action in your social media profiles, then you’re hugely missing out on an opportunity to grab new subscribers or convert social media followers into subscribers. I believe your social media profile should briefly explain who you help, what you do, and include a call to action.

This is also where your landing pages will come in handy, as it’s best to send these people to a landing page where they have only one choice: to sign up for your freebie.

You can do this on just about every social media platform — It is highly recommended! Not only does it give new followers the chance to get something valuable for free, but it also helps you to convert your new followers into subscribers. People are often most excited about your brand the moment they hit the “follow” button, so it’s important to capitalize on that excitement by offering them other ways to connect with you.


Social Media has always been the best platform to promote brands and products. That’s why it is used by almost every company in the world. When used correctly, social media can easily take your business to the next level of profitability.

The key is to continue to grow your social media following, but make sure that you are always converting those followers into email leads. This is the step that separates the amateur marketers from the experts

With the strategies outlined above, you can ensure that most if not all of your followers will also be your email subscribers.

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