[Case Study]: How to Spy On Your Competitors & Setup a Profitable Ad Campaign Without Spending Money & Second Guessing

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If you’re tired of burning through your pocket, spending hard-earned money on FB Ads that end up not working, then you’re going to love this article.

A quick question;

What if you could spy on every profitable Ad that runs on Facebook and instantly replicate it for your business without spending a dime on testing?

Cool right? Ohh Yes!

And even better,

What if you could take it further and spy into your competitor’s funnels, study their copy and see exactly what they are doing and what’s working for them?



Super cool!

Now the good news is, in this article, I’ll show you a FREE tool that will enable you to effectively run Facebook Ads without losing your money – spy into your competitor’s Ads & reverse engineer what they are doing to your benefit, hack their funnel & profit.

You can spy into competitor’s fan pages and learn everything and anything about their business.

This tool will perfectly work in any niche that your business is in – E-commerce, Local Marketing, Online Marketing, etc…



The truth is,

If you’re not using Facebook Ads currently in your business, you’re making a huge mistake that will cost you a lot in your business.

According to recent business statistics;

? 57% of FB users say FB ads influence their shopping experience
? 78% of American consumers say they’ve discovered products from FB ads
? 28% of users have made a purchase from a FB Ad
? 93% of social media advertisers use FB ads.

This clearly shows that many businesses make a lot of their money through Facebook Ads.

However, In the past,

issues like knowing what type of ad to run and where to send traffic to were always of great concern to advertisers, especially beginners.

But not anymore,

With the FREE tool, I’m about introducing to you, you’ll be able to explore every Ad running on Facebook & Instagram, in any niche & replicate them in your business.

Now let’s get down to it;


Step 1:

The tool I’m referring to is called Ad Library and it was introduced by Facebook recently. It’s a library containing all Ads that have been run on both Facebook & Instagram.

This tool will allow you to search for the name of a brand or topic that you’re interested in, then it fetches all the Ad results relating to the keyword you searched.

Visit this link to access the Ad Library ? https://www.facebook.com/ads/library/


Step 2:

On the search tab, you search for a keyword that’s relating to your business niche.

For example, I’m going to search for Russell Brunson, and when the search result comes out, I’ll be able to explore all of Russell Brunson’s Ads on both Facebook & Instagram, study his Ad copy and everything.

Step 3:

To spy into the funnel for this Ad, you click on the “learn more” button and you’ll be able to see where the traffic for Russell’s Ads is going to.

This way you can spy into his funnel

Study the copy and even the product that’s being given out or sold.

So this is how the Ads Library tool works…You can search for more names & organizations to see what ads they are running.

It’s super easy to use and doesn’t require you to have any special skill.

… And it works for every niche.

If your business is in the eCom niche, you simply search for a top name or organization in the eCom niche and see exactly what they are doing to make their Ads profitable.

This will help you eliminate guesswork from your Facebook Ad campaign and will enable you to generate more buyer traffic for any product you’re selling.


Now, that you’ve seen how this tool works, you can go immediately and start using it to set up profitable Ad campaigns for your business.

Never again will you set up a failed Ad campaign because you can now spy your competitors, see what’s working for them and replicate it in your business.

I hope you find the information inside this report to be useful.

If you need help or further enquiries, contact us via hello@successflyover.com



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