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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Success Flyover was created to inspire, motivate and uplift the closely linked community of online entrepreneurs. Casual interaction between business owners makes it easy for the newbies to feel comfortable.

While ample insightful knowledge resources are there to help established brands reiterate their dominance in the market.

Either way, we grow with you…

Started By One Of YOU! My Humble Beginnings

Hi There, I’m Ifiok Nkem. 

Like many others in their youth, I was driven with a profound sense of mission – to help those around me. My dream at the time was to be a doctor. I wholeheartedly worked towards it and helped multiple lives from the low-income strata of African countries.

While I was involved with the treatment of various chronic diseases, I realized that it was not the illness that was the problem. It dawned upon me that POVERTY is the problem. The lack of opportunities, resources and DREAMS is the problem. This led me to shift my focus from treatment to prevention of the suffering of people. 

 I have now been in the business of digital marketing & web consulting for over 8 years. Again like many others, I had to face my fears of entering a daunting industry at a later stage in my life when I decided to make the switch. This came to me as a reminder that this is the exact FEAR that I needed to transform & help other business owners transform into COURAGE & SUCCESS.

If I Can, YOU Can Too! - Flyover To Profits

Becoming a member of the prestigious Forbes Business Council owing to the diversity of my experience in web-consulting for over 700 high-net worth businesses was another landmark in my professional life. 

When my name was added onto the JVZoo hall of fame, it further sparked the need for me to help more people become successful! I knew then that my blog needed to be made BIGGER & BETTER for MORE people.


Success Flyover seemed like the most appropriate name for my endeavour to help others. It truly is an overpass to all the mess & struggle in an entrepreneur’s life. It makes you profitable in the quickest and easiest manner possible instead.

It quickly transformed from my blog to a platform and eventually a revolution for all netpreneurs. It empowers you with guaranteed to work & high-converting digital tools and strategies used by successful businesses under one virtual roof.

Personification Of Community Spirit Our Vision, Mission & Values

Any business needs KNOWLEDGE, EXPERIENCE, MONEY & NETWORKING to succeed. Each of these virtues needs hard work and effort to gain. 

Knowledge needs the right material from thick books in the library and varied sources on the internet. 

Experience only comes with time that everyone is hard-pressed for.

Money is needed to reach the end goal but is often scarce. 

Networking needs great contacts & confidence that are rare. 

Life is hard as it is. Success Flyover’s aim is to bring all these 4 essential virtues together to help you work smarter not harder! We want to help you elevate your quality of life without spending all your life trying. 

Success Flyover is the direct and fastest route to guaranteed results for your online business. It is a community of netpreneurs that learn from the success of other businesses and replicate them for better results. 

We bring the best written and video resources, tools and offers to your doorstep that help you profit from the comfort of your homes. Our partnership with successful businesses and high-networth individuals provide ample content for every business owner to learn from across niches! 

The platform is built on the values of complete transparency and equality. It is IFiok Nkem’s ideology to be there for each and every one of his patrons and help them to the best of his abilities. Every individual is supremely respect-worthy and Success Flyover does not disparage between anyone. Success is a reality for all those who are willing to dream. It becomes more fruitful when they are willing to share. 

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It’s the journey that matters more than the destination. We’re here to remove every roadblock along the way that you may experience.

Let’s never struggle to be successful again. Let’s help each other rise to success and make unimaginable profits.

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