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The World Of Digital Marketing Can Be Haunting

It has become the need of the hour to have a great presence online! It’s the only way you can succeed in this digital age.Needless to say, the space is saturated. It takes a great deal of painstaking effort and giant resources to stand out from the clutter.

On one hand, you could have an established business and be slashing your profits on account of expensive marketing agencies. On the other hand, you could be a young entrepreneur with limited resources trying to make it big!

Either way, it is the lack of genuine training and knowledge that can make your journey to success long and laden with painful struggle.

Sometimes You MUST Create What You Want To Be A Part Of

Information overload is a reality on the internet that is full of marketing tools and schemes but little is known about their effectiveness or authenticity. 

So the big question is how do you succeed in a world that is motivated by self-profit? 

The answer always lies in a great community! Success Flyover is a platform designed for mutual growth driven by the intense passion of today’s entrepreneurs.

Here, you can learn from the best in the business, understand marketing technicalities with great ease and save precious resources while simultaneously growing your venture.

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IFiok Nkem is a name synonymous with digital marketing and entrepreneurship in Africa & across the globe. He is the force behind SnapiLABs, a technology company with a wide range of successful cloud software products.

He is also an official member of the prestigious Forbes Business Council and a JVZoo high performance leader. What started as a blog with the aim to grow and learn from one another 5 years ago has transformed into an online business revolution


Success Stories from The amazing tribe

Our members are getting AMAZING RESULTS from our software, trainings & community
  • Secured 5 Recurring Customers, Made $36k In 6 Weeks

    “I got my 5th customer for my content marketing and social media management service. I have a skype appointment with another one on Wednesday and he is ready to pay. I just started using this last month and look forward to scaling this up. Not only am I using the app to deliver the service, but it’s also helping me get clients"
  • $5,500 from one client. 80% profit - 1 hour work

    Simon Duenow
    I have zero regrets joining LAB. Just got this paid for today. $2,500 advanced payment. A total of $5,500 for a food delivery mobile app. Initially this client just wanted a mobile first website which I did for him last week using Mobifirst software that I bought last year but never made money from.
  • This is the easiest $1,000 I have ever earned both online and offline

    Lisa Gerald
    This is the easiest $1,000 I have ever earned both online and offline. I hijacked the youtube video of a local business and added interactive and sales element. Sent it to them by email. BOOM! They were asking for an invoice... same compnay I have been trying to close on animation services for months without success.
  • I'm stoked

    Ron Mitchell
    I'm stoked... I love my fact that the videos are hosted on youtube as youtube is still the best video hosting company in the world. They are the #1 source of free traffic and they offer unlimited bandwith. VidJack allows me to enjoy the best of both worlds. Youtube's video hosting, free traffic, and stability and at the same time VidJack's player control and profit pulling interactive element.
  • $4,500 made helping restaurants sell online

    Having the best month so far. I digitized 6 restaurants during the lockdown this month. All I did was use the provided restaurant owners email database. Converted it into a facebook custom audience and then used the done for you ads to run ads ($275 ad spend) and sell my contactless menu service. Signed 6 restaurants for $750 each. Outsourced $100 per client on fiverr to get the service delivered.
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Cut The Traffic & Jump Onto The BandwagoN.

Our exclusive content is curated for YOU to succeed without any excuses. No spamming & no hard-selling EVER.